All ears are together to highlight her mistakes.
No one lends an ear to hear her ways.

Keeping her ears to the ground;
She left the city of deaf ears.

She made an effort
to make her dry face grin from ear to ear.

And know she won’t stop
even if she is left out in the cold weather.

She became passionate, loyal & fierce which took years,
to make her overcome her fears.

Here they apply their judgments as you care,
to never stand out when you want them to hear.

Here they make their judgement as you care,
As they never stand out when you want them to hear.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Partiality, partiality, partiality
You are a girl and he is a boy,
That is reality…..

You are weak, insecure, delicate
that is their mentality,
To put some restrictions and limitation
to make you realize your fragility.
You are a girl and he is a boy,
that is reality…..

Differentiation is not only based on gender
it’s also where you wander,
They call themselves modern
but they want you to be behind some shoulders.
You are a girl and he is a boy,
This is a bitter reality…..

Rise and be wise with yourself
believe and make a world for yourself,
Make them realize you are strongest.
Never ever wait for a change

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

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Let Her Respire!! To Make An Empire.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

“Society conspires not to make her respire her dreams her desires.”

Life of every girl is a vast struggle between self-survival, her thoughts and societal perspectives. She has to fight for herself, her desires, and dreams she wants to fulfill with society or even with her kith and kin.

Some girls dare to fight for what they want or what they want to do. Many just get suppressed by societal pressure and few just accept their fate by not uttering a word for themselves and not putting any efforts for their self-survival and become PUPPET in this society.

Societal pressure adversely affects every girl’s life from cradle to grave. She has to think about society before herself and her needs, wants, and desires. Even before making a social media account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and posting over there, she has to think twice.

Society and its views are always over weighed . No one is easily accepted if they breach the society’s rules regulations and their set limitations. They are either suppressed or troubled by society.

Suppress, Depress but never Express,

This is expected.

Her urge to dream and achieve,

has to be devastated.

Her dreamy world and desires,

are on the verge to expire

to never respire.

Somehow this is the bitter reality of many girls surviving in this society. They accept their fate and never questions anyone. Thousands of questions revolve in their mind but society snatches her strength, her power to believe herself, and make her so fragile she never questions anybody about her insecurities.


A girl always lives a pressurized life. There are different kinds of pressure she encounters every day in her life. She could never escape from them. It is an inseparable part of their life. From being aesthetic beautiful to earn their bread and butter she lives a pressurized life. A visible competition to rub shoulders with survivors of the society, she has to work hard to never annoy anyone around her.

I would like to quote some questions to have a viewpoint. I want to ask everybody who is reading this because we all are a part of society. Different people make different society some encourage them to make their first initiative whereas many discourage it.

Doesn’t she have the right to freedom for her words and deeds?

Doesn’t she have the right to fulfill her dreams?

Doesn’t she have the right to do what makes her happy?

Doesn’t she has the right to her own life?

Why she has to think about the society that doesn’t care about her?

These are just a few questions, you should think about next time whenever you make a judgment,opinion, or decision for a girl.

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

A girl always has to weight her own words before uttering them. It’s not always easy for her to express her desires and needs. She has to always think twice then express herself in front of anybody.Sometimes situations reduced her to tears with constant criticism.

This is just a little sneak peek in a girl’s life when they are not given rights to deal with their life on their own and have their own experiences of their life and treated like they owe their life to their family and society. They are expected to always stand out best according to society.Societal pressure and views impact and influence a girl’s life.

Females have the power to reignite herself but she remains diminished to ignite their loved ones to achieve themselves to fullest. Some people do count them as a burden, dependent or undervalues them but she is the one who handles all chaos and sorts them out. Just try to think about this.

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5 Struggles every girl go through in her teenage

Source : Pexels

“Every girl has a different shoe-size, no girl could fit herself in another girl’s shoes.”

During teenage, a girl goes through numerous untold and undisclosed stories. I want to disclose some issues and thoughts which remain in a girl’s inner-self. She always questions herself but could not disclose it to others due to her endless insecurities.

A girl has to go through many unmentioned struggles of her own life. Every girl does not spill the beans of their situations in front of everyone. There are many things they could not openly disclose.

Every situation and decision impact and affect every nook and corner of a girl’s life either they reveal it or not. And there are unlisted dreams, desires confusions, situations which are kept by them under lock and key.

There are endless struggles due to which teen’s life pressure is escalating day by day. I would like to expound my views in the forthcoming paragraphs are the common five Struggles every girl go through in her teens.

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